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Important Note - Please Read: The past year or so has been a busy period for me (in a good way) - I am sorry to say that I'm not currently able to take on new private coaching clients on a regular basis, or provide free initial coaching consultations until further notice. Openings do come up now and then, so if you are interested in private coaching, I still encourage you to contact me - and I'll be sure to let you know if an opening is available - or if one is expected to be available at a later date.


Thank you for your interest in becoming one of my highly-valued personal coaching or hypnotherapy clients.

How My Coaching Programs Work

As one of my coaching clients, your program will be highly personalized and conducted mostly by e-mail - both for your convenience AND so that you will have a written record of our correspondence. I feel that this is very unique and important aspect to my coaching work. As a writer, I am often able to express concepts to you more completely by way of the written word. This allows me the time to carefully consider what I need to communicate to you based on your unique situation - and to do it in a way that is most effective. Writing also allows YOU to commit yourself in a way that's different that just chatting over the phone.

While telephone coaching certainly has its place, it seems that many coaches utilize the phone too much (or even exclusively) - basically out of convenience. Also, if you work primarily with your coach over the phone, it is too easy to simply forget what has been said, or to say things you may have no intention of following through with. However, with a written record, I can more easily hold you accountable! AND you will be able to very easily go back later and be amazed at the progress you have made over time.

As a supplementary service, some of my clients like to schedule an occasional phone call in conjunction with our regular e-mail sessions; once each month or two, for example.


Common Questions


Q. How often will we be in contact over the typical week?

A. I tell most clients plan on 1 or 2 e-mail exchanges during the course of a week. That is usually sufficient to determine and plan your actions for the week and provide you with feedback (or a constructive scolding!) on the results.


Q. Do you base your guidance and advice on a particular philosophy?

A. As a Hypnotherapist, I deal with most clients in a very practical way - we look at habits and attitude (as I was trained to do) - and I'll often provide customized audio files for clients to use as part of their hypnosis work. As a Metaphysical Practitioner (wearing that hat), I take a holistic approach to personal development. This means that rather than picking apart and focusing on the individual habits that may be holding you back from reaching your potential, we instead focus on discovering how you look at the world and yourself the way you do -- and then we can determine together the specific things you can do to help bring you into better alignment with your goals.

My initial goal with most clients is to get you to look beneath your lifetime of conditioning to SEE (many for the first time ever) who you really are. Most people live only in their brain, seeing life through the filter of their upbringing, family and peer expectations, cultural norms, etc. My goal is to help you see your life and the world through your MIND. I'm a believer in daily meditation and keeping a postive mental attitude - and we'll likely dive right into these subjects early on.

I also approach many issues from a practical Buddhist-thought point of view. This means that we may be discussing attachment issues as they affect your life, as well as personal responsibility for your life. My goal, of course, is not to turn you into a Buddhist. However, there are a number of concepts in Buddhist thought that apply directly to our need to live in the here and now, as well as the understanding that we are all responsible for our own actions and that our attachments in life often limit our personal development.


Q. Can anyone benefit from personal coaching?

A. Yes and No. If you stubbornly refuse to believe that YOU play a big (perhaps the biggest) part in why you're not living the life you think you should be., If you're the type that blames everyone and everything else in the world for your situation, then my approach to coaching probably isn't for you at this time. You will have to get beyond those issues first before you will benefit from this type of intensive coaching work.

However, if you understand (or are willing to understand) that it is our own habits and behaviors that limit us from reaching our potential, personal coaching offers an exciting (and often challenging) journey of self-discovery, action and results.


Q. How quickly should I expect results from our coaching sessions?

A. Some realizations come quickly and others take a little time. Remember, you can't expect a lifetime of conditioning to disappear overnight. With that said, however, there will often be times (especially early on in our sessions) where something will click immediately and you may experience a dramatic shift in your awareness of the world around you, or your "self" in particular. Other changes are more subtle and take longer. In all cases, I want to help you to keep progressing over the long term - and to accomplish that, both the sudden dramatic shifts and more subtle longer-term positive changes are necessary and welcomed.


Q. What is the difference between traditional therapy and personal coaching?

A. First, it's important to understand that what I offer to you is NOT traditional psychiatric therapy in any way, shape, or form. If you are experiencing mental illness of any kind, you should immediately contact an appropriate licensed medical professional that can help you.

My qualifications (in this area of coaching) are as a Certified Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and Ordained Metahysical Practitioner.

With that said, traditional therapies typically focus solely on your past, in an attempt to help you sort through and come to terms with past traumatic experiences that are causing turmoil in your life.

In coaching or hypnotherapy practice, however, I'm not really concerned about the specific details of your past experiences. In fact, much of your conditioning likely mirrors the conditioning of most people in our modern western society. Yes, you are a unique person..., but you must also realize that most of the decisions you make are based mostly on fitting in with others and seeking the approval of others (I've also made these same mistakes). I want to know how you see the world and yourself today. I don't want (or need) to know about every event or experience (good or bad) that has happened in the past. I want to guide you toward your own self-discovery by helping you to see beneath your lifetime of conditioning. This approach is aimed at living in the present and helping you to design your life as you truly desire. Again, I take a holistic approach to personal coaching. It is the whole you of today that I am interested in - not a collection of your past events.

Simply send an e-mail with your name, contact details and brief outline of your current life situation and any unrealized goals you have set for yourself. Most weeks, I am normally able to respond by e-mail within 48-hours.

Stephen Rinaldi, C.Ht.

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